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AI Powered Video Solutions


High Efficiency Distributed Video Encoding System: Allows more videos to be stored with ultra-high resolution (e.g. 4K) through greatly reduced storage & bandwidth requirement.


Video Enhancement Engine: AI-facilitated content adaptive video enhancement, restoration and super-resolution, much higher visual quality presented.


Optimized AV1 Encoder: AV1 encoding solution worldwide, faster and better than existing solutions, ready for VOD use cases, real-time encoder coming soon.

Our Team

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We are a team of skilled and motivated tech veterans, joining from Google, Kingsoft Cloud, Microsoft, Apple, ArcSoft, and Baidu. We are in pursuits of the smoothest delivery of videos at its possible highest quality. We are proud of our engineering-driven culture and all feel excited to deliver world-leading video solutions and services in the field of video encoding, transcoding, processing, analysis and enhancement, powered by AI and adaptive solutions.

Our team consists of alumni of Purdue, Rice, UIUC, USC, NEU, Tsinghua, Zhejiang University, Peking University, USTC, Nankai University, UESTC; ex-employees of Google, Apple, Bell Labs, Baidu, Kingsoft Cloud, ArcSoft.

Our expertise lies in video compression, deep learning, image processing, computer vision, cloud video infrastructure, GPU, FPGA.

Our Path

“We are a Small Team with a Big Vision in Pursuits of the Smoothest Delivery of Videos at Its Possible Highest Quality.”

  • March 2020, Moscow State University

    MSU Video Codec Valuation for 4K

    #1 for all three metrics SSIM/PSNR/VMAF report

  • February 2020, San Francisco

    Mux San Francisco Video Tech Meetup

  • February 2020

    AWS Public Cloud Transcoding Service Get Online

  • November 2019, Moscow State University

    MSU Codec Subjective Evaluation 2019

    We are truly proud that our Aurora encoder, as the only AV1 encoder that enters this year's MSU annual evaluation, earns the clear first place in the category of subjective evaluation. MSU reports serve as benchmarks of video codec performance both in academia and in industry. (report)

  • October 2019, San Francisco

    AOMedia Research Symposium

    Our CTO Jinaa Liu shared the most recent results on our AV1 encoder Aurora and the AI+Codec technologies behind it at the first AOMedia Research Symposium held in Google headquarter. (link)

  • October 2019, Beijing

    RTC 2019

    RTC tech conference, host by Agora.io. We demonstrated updated results of Aurora, our av1 encoder, in support of the use case of RTC. We further shared our thoughts and ideas in leveraging the use of machine learning in codec optimization.

  • October 2019, Hangzhou

    ICTC 2019

    Our Video Tech Lead Yu-Shan Chuang presented our technologies and products in the 27th ICTC(International Conference on Technology Convergence), thanks to Jeff Chen(SVP of CableLabs), and also the sponsorship from Wasu.

  • September 2019, Hangzhou

    Alibaba APSARA 2019

    Visionular's President Zoe Liu joined the panel to discuss about 5G+Video, hosted by Yan Ye (Head of Video/Machine Learning, Alibaba's DAMO Academy), and joined by Prof Lu Yu (Zhejiang University, also MPEG Video Group Chair), Xinfeng Zhang (Senior Engineer from Intel), and Dapeng Liu (Senior Expert from Alibaba Group). 

  • September 2019, Amsterdam

    IBC Amsterdam 2019

    Visionular presented its updated results on Aurora (an optimized AV1 encoder), AI+Codec technologies, and cloud-based solutions for video transcoding, for both VoD and RTC use cases. IBC, short for International Broadcasting Convention, is the largest media and technologies convention worldwide, which has gathered 55,000+ attendees this year. (link)

  • August 2019, Beijing

    LiveVideoStack 2019

    Visionular's CEO Zheng Zhu joined the panel to discuss about Trend in Video Coding, together with Yaowu Xu (Sr Staff Engineer and TLM of Google), Oliver Gunasekara (CEO of NGCodec), Stefan Lederer(CEO of Bitmovin), and Yaguang Xie (R&D Director of ArcVideo, Hangzhou). (link)

  • June 2019, New York

    Big Apple Video 2019

    Visionular presented its progress in deploying its Aurora AV1 encoder in both VoD and RTC usecases at bigapple.video, a technical conference focused on innovation and best practices of video codec technologies, held in New York City. (link)

  • June 2019, San Francisco


    On June 13th 2019, Visionular presented their AI+codec technologies at AllThingsRTC, the premier real-time communication event host by Agora.io. (link)

  • April 2019, Shanghai

    2019 LiveVideoStackCon

    Presented our AV1 encoder Aurora at 2019 LiveVideoStackCon in Shanghai, and attended a round-table discussion sharing insights to the future of video codecs. (link)

  • April 2019, Las Vegas

    NAB Debut

    Visionular's Aurora made its first appearance at NAB as the world's first production ready AV1 encoder, highlighted at Google booth (demo link).

  • November 2018

    First Customers

    Completed first collaborative project with Google; Sealed first deal with Qiniu, a leading enterprise cloud service supplier located in Shanghai.

  • September 2018

    Seed Funding Closed

    Supported by 3 highly techincal VCs (Tsingyuan / Tsinghua Technology / CoWin), and several well-acknowledged entrepreneur angel investors including CEO/Founders of Agora.io and Zoom.

  • July 2018

    Visionular Founded

    Teams built in both Mountain View, California and Hangzhou, China.

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